In Collaboration with the MGH Radiology Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


Started in 2020, diversityxMESH is a collaboration between the MESH Incubator and the MGH Radiology Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee. This novel concept of bringing together advocates for inclusive patient care and staffing (problem identifiers) with a technology incubator (problem solvers) allows us to apply the concepts of MESH and disrupt inequity in healthcare through the development and implementation practical technology-based solutions.

Due to COVID-19 we have postponed our 2020 diversityxMESH Health Disparities Hackathon. We continue to explore options for how best to proceed with the hackathon, but we promise you it has not been stopped. We believe there is an incredible opportunity in bringing together hospital physicians, technologists, nurses, schedulers, administrators, etc, with patients, entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers to challenge the status quo of how we deliver care and instead to imagine what a more equitable healthcare system would looks like.

RadTranslate: Equity-based and Patient-Centered Solutions

 The concept came from Joy Williams, DNP and Jennifer McGowan, RT from MGH Imaging who wanted a way to help improve the patient experience for those with limited English proficiency when it isn’t practical to bring in an interpreter. Much of radiology depends on the patient understanding what the technologist is asking them to do (for example taking a deep breath, turning to the side, removing any jewelry). Being able to make these requests to a patient in their preferred language can increase productivity and let the patient know they are being seen. COVID has been disproportionately affecting communities of color and those with limited English proficiency, translating to increased demand for chest xrays. Increased demand leads to fewer readily available translators, which in turn results in longer wait time for patients and reduced throughput capacity, especially at our community health clinics. Executing on this user-centered need, MESH has produced a minimal viable product in 48 hours, now in clinical use at Chelsea Urgent Care Imaging center.

View the web-app here: