Project Description

MESH ADVANCED™ Prototype Development

MESH Advanced™ is designed to help physicians and healthcare professionals with clinical needs or conceptualized solutions. Following our published design-thinking development process, participants in advanced will receive help to validate the need, ideate, prototype, patent, and launch or license their invention. Advanced™ has been featured by the American College of Radiology and several other outlets.

The MESH Incubator is composed of a physical manufacturing and prototyping space in MGH, where participants in MESH Advanced create physical prototypes of devices or software/applications.

To date, Advanced™ has resulted in >10 pending or published patents, and currently has over 17 active device and software development projects, each led by a clinician.

Read our paper here.

Send a confidential email to if you have an idea or clinical need you are interested in developing through MESH Advanced™.

A Physical Workshop

Advanced is designed to help clinicians and researchers prototype their conceptual solutions for technologies. Leveraging our physical lab space with 3D printers, electronics, Arduinos, and other tools, we supply a prototyping playground and the expertise to help make conceptual solutions a reality.

  • PLA and Resin 3D printers
  • CAD Software
  • Arduino Uno R3 and enclosures
  • Foley kits
  • Paracentesis kits
  • Other catheter kits
  • NG/feeding tubes
  • LCD module x4
  • Sensor module packs
  • Resistors/LEDS/Breadboards/jumpers
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Multimeter
  • Other hardware tools

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