MESH CORE™ Innovation Bootcamp MESH Core™ is the first integrated innovation curriculum in a medical training program. It has been featured by the American College of Radiology and several other outlets. To date, Core™ has graduated 26 MD alumni in their week long intensive bootcamp, including out-of-state attendees. Core runs on [...]

MESH Advanced


MESH ADVANCED™ Prototype Development MESH Advanced™ is designed to help physicians and healthcare professionals with clinical needs or conceptualized solutions. Following our published design-thinking development process, participants in advanced will receive help to validate the need, ideate, prototype, patent, and launch or license their invention. Advanced™ has been featured by the [...]

MESH Innovation Teams


MESH INNOVATION TEAMS™ Biodesign Program MESH Innovation Teams is a collaborative year-long program connecting Mass General Brigham clinicians to engineers, MBA candidates, and entrepreneurs to solve critical clinical problems. Collaborating with Harvard Innovation Labs, candidates will join a MESH Team and obtain real world experience and first-hand exposure to generating healthcare [...]

MESH Innovation in Operations Research Center (MESH IO)


MESH Innovation & Operations Research Group (MESH IO) MESH IO is a unique inter-disciplinary research center across Mass General Brigham, Harvard Medical and Harvard Business School comprised of specialty leaders, including physicians and executives, in innovation and operations in healthcare. This creative marriage of both innovation and operations researchers is dedicated [...]



diversityxMESH In collaboration with the MGH Radiology Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Started in 2020, diversityxMESH is a collaboration between the MESH Incubator and the MGH Radiology Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee. This novel concept of bringing together advocates for inclusive patient care and staffing (problem identifiers) with a technology incubator [...]

MESH Network


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